SOLARiS to Perform in Saratoga and Brooklyn this Weekend

The electronic jam sounds of SOLARiS return to New York State this weekend with two big shows in Saratoga Springs and Brooklyn. 
Saturday catch SOLARiS at Putnam Den in Saratoga Springs featuring Orchard Lounge DJ Ben Silver and on Sunday at Brooklyn Bowl featuring Wax Future and Polyvamp.

The all instrumental SOLARiS features a great deal of original music with a range of electronica including dubstep, drum n bass, jazz fusion and funk, all intertwined between drummer Daniel Scott Lyons, keyboardist Jared Raphel and bassist Vinny Naro. Naro shared his thoughts on the upcoming run:

“Expect a new and improved Solaris. We’re sounding surprisingly more polished these days, most likely from the result of the new sounds we’ve been developing and just simply being together as a band for 7 years. While there will always be the staple original songs, like “Vice” and “Nostromo,” there are some new covers as well; such as the “Stranger Things” TV theme, our new instrumental remix of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams,” and more. As always, we will also be doing our usual exploratory improv, finding new sounds, deep electronic grooves, etc… If you’re attending the shows this weekend, put your seatbelt on because it’s gonna be a very intense and funky ride.”

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