Artist Profile: Within the Flames

Author Charles Bukowski focused his writing on the plight of ordinary people, drudging through work, alcohol and relationships.  In the end, he wrote, “What matters most is how well you walk through the fire.”

Some may think Bukowski is referring to the plight of getting through life’s drama. Some may live on the dark side, and see it as a warning to not get burned by the flames. But, what happens when you step Within the Fire?  It opens doors to a whole new world.  Pushing  the envelope, testing the boundaries and expanding the horizons.

The local metal band Within the Fire pushes that envelope from the inside, leaving the past behind and perfecting years of musical journey into a volcano of sound.

The band was started by guitarist, RJ Pipino (former Cutthroat guitarist) in 2010.

“He is a big fan of classic metal from the ‘80s,” said bassist Joe Paciolla, of Pipino, “ranging from Dokken to Exodus. [And, he] was inspired to start a band with his younger brother, Kyle.”   

Already an impressive resume of musicians, the brothers wrote several songs and recruited help from friend, drummer Tim Parent (Section 8). When ready They reached out to vocalist, Scott Featherstone (Attica Enertia), who ended up coming into the studio on the day when vocals for this project were scheduled to be recorded with another singer.

Paciolla adds “The session turned out better than everyone expected and Scott ended up joining the band full time.  Our influences range all over the rock spectrum, but a few that were a big influence to the style of Within The Fire are Dokken, Metallica and Exodus.” The band has released a full length cd Still Burning and  was recorded at The Recording Company in Esperance, in the summer-fall of 2015. It was completed in the spring of 2016.

“Tim Lynch is an absolute professional and we were all very happy with his dedication and work on this album,” said Paciolla. “RJ was really involved in making sure the songs sounded exactly like he envisioned them and was at the studio  every minute of the recording and the mixing.”

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