Root Shock Releases First Official Music Video

In the wake of some chilling Syracuse winter weather, local reggae renegades Root Shock provided some relief with the soul warming release of their first official music video for “Sunlight” on March 21. The tune is off their debut self-titled album released earlier this year.

The video, dropped the day after lead singer Jessica Brown’s birthday, showcases all seven musicians in their element, participating in their personal daily rituals before coming together to make music. Just shy of four minutes, Bill Eppel (bass) Cix Nyne (drums/vocals), Phil Grajko (guitar/vocals), Nick Kaczmar (keyboards), Jason “Jocko” Randall (percussion/electronics/vocals) and Dan Valvassori (guitar) are all seen juggling a range of human experiences and emotions. The video captures elements of each musicians’ personality and gives the viewer a sense of what energy they bring to the band.

Brown commented: “The concept for the video was to show some real life situations, keeping it relatable and personal, where each band member has some obstacle to overcome- day to day stuff. And just being able to let go, move forward & let the music uplift you. Our good friend Kyle Corea directed, shot and edited the video. He came up with the ideas and themes in the video. He has done many films and music videos in the past so we had full trust in his vision. Our hope is that the video will make you smile, possibly laugh, dance, cry and have hope that even in dark places the sun always comes back out to shine.”

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