The Magic Beans Get Down in Colorado with Special Guest Thom LaFond

Sunday night, The Barkley Ballroom in Frisco, CO was home to a reunion of two former New Yorker bandmates turned Colorado transplants. Thom LaFond, former guitarist for Albany-based and Camp Bisco alum, Dirty Paris, joined his former bassist, Chris Duffy, with Duffy’s current band The Magic Beans for an ambient take on The Magic Bean’s space funk rager “Jabu Jabu’s Belly.”

LaFond lent his hand in setting the tone with an opening improv jam, heavy with ambient delay which built the suspense and anticipation for the first drop into the meat of the song where Casey Russell took over with a soulful organ lick to get the bodies moving. Chris Duffy held things down for the bulk of the song with his thick bass grooves while the rest of the band moved through keeping things danceable yet continuing to utilize the spacey vibe that has become more familiar to a Beans dance party as they develop as a band.

Around the 8:20 mark, drummer Cody Wales started laying out the heavy snare hits, signaling the jam to open up, transforming into a high flying shred fest. Lafond adeptly built the speed and intensity of his lead work while Beans guitarist Scott Hachey complimented, both matching LaFond’s picking runs and building things up behind LaFond to take the final few minutes of this jam into something that had the whole room soaring before being dropped straight back into the dance party for a few more measures.

If you haven’t had a chance to experience The Magic Beans in person, be sure to catch them on tour in April.

magic beans thom lafondThe Magic Bean’s 5th annual music festival Beanstalk, will be held June 22nd-25th at the legendary festival venue Rancho del Rio along the Colorado River in Bond, CO. The lineup includes tons of faces familiar to the Northeast jam scene including Holly Bowling, lespecial, Corey Henry, Tom Hamilton as well as a smattering of established and up-and-coming awesome Colorado based bands. Don’t miss out on a chance to learn why Colorado is so in love with The Beans.

You can catch LaFond’s band, Banshee Tree, at License No. 1 in Boulder, CO every Saturday night for a swing dance-dance party.

magic beans thom lafond

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