Travel back in Time with the Boy Band Review Tribute Show

If you loved the boy band music of the 90’s, then the Boy Band Review – a Boy Band Tribute, is the show for you! Made up of six members, the Boy Band Review consists of former Broadway stars who shine as they lay their hearts on the line to bring you a truly nostalgic performance. They bring their all to the stage with an energetic, fun performance chock full of hits from the likes of New Kids On The Block, N’sync, Boyz II Men, Hanson and more.

boy band reviewFeaturing Jeb Roberts (Guitar), Adam Egizi (Bass), Andy Davis (Drums) and Dom Scott, KC Comeaux and Josh Hobbs on vocals, this tribute show is a true throw-back experience that will most definitely transport you back to your adolescent years. Complete with singing, dancing, and great stage lighting, the Boy Band Review comes dressed to impress in the most memorable of outfits worn by your most beloved boy band members. They interact with you on stage and off, enticing you to let your guard down and shout out the lyrics during each of these nostalgic songs.

boy band reviewSurrounded by die-hard 90’s boy band fans it is virtually impossible to resist the urge to join in, sing along, and just plain let loose with those who remember every word and dance articulation of the artists they knew and loved. They might even surprise you as they welcome your participation in an intimate, personal moment – like the drummer proposing to his girlfriend. Not something you would expect from a grown man in overalls with one of his shoulder straps undone!

boy band reviewAs promised, the Boy Band Review – a Boy Band Tribute really is a throw back experience and these “New Kids” definitely “bring the heat up to 98 degrees”  to bring you back and relive your best years- even if only for a moment in time.

Setlist: Backstreets Back, Byebyebye, No Diggity, Mmmbop, I’ll Make Love To You / End Of The Road / On Bended Knee Medley, It’s Gonna Be Me, Motown Philly, You’ve Got It, All My Life / All Or Nothing, I Want It That Way / Larger Than Life

Encore: Summer Girls, What Makes You Beautiful, Pop

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