Hearing Aide: Glens Falls’ Red Shift release debut EP

red_shiftRed Shift is a newly emerging alternative rock band from the Glens Falls area. They currently have four singles released: “Around the Sun,” “By Design,” “Heads or Tails,” and “Victorious.” The members consist of Keiran Dupper and Chad Jones on guitars, Andy Frasier on bass, Erich Hobus on drums, and Tim Ortiz on synth while providing the vocals. Named “Best Bets” by the Post Star, the band will release their first album on September 23.

Red Shift is a respectable band in the rock genre. Their music is impressive in many ways and, as a brand new band, they have a lot of potential. Ortiz has a very nice voice that fits in well with the rock genre. His voice is equally as impressive in “Heads or Tails,” one of their more rock-out tracks, as it is in “Around the Sun” which is slightly more mellow, giving the group plenty of options for the future.

One thing that I would like to see improve as the group continues to release albums is the lyrics. I felt in at least two of the four tracks that the lyrics could’ve been significantly better. I found some of the content a little cliche at times and if it wasn’t the lyrics themselves it was just the fact that the songs had vague and generalized subjects/topics. I found them relevant and relatable, but had trouble relating on a deeper level. While they were giving me a message, their songs’ messages weren’t particularly clear.

Despite these minor issues, I find the instrumentals in this group to be extremely impressive. Dupper and Jones on guitar have pleasantly surprised me with every track. Their guitar lines are fantastic and after every song I hear, I go away wishing I could play guitar like that. Frasier on bass does a fantastic job as well, really filling out that hardcore rock vibe and giving some great lines in the process. Hobus on the drums delivered some fantastic lines as well which helped fill out some of the instrumental breaks that seemed to carry out for a little longer than I would’ve liked them to, particularly in “Heads or Tails.” Personally, I believe the instrumentalists did a fantastic job throughout all of “Around the Sun,” which is my favorite track by far. I also greatly enjoyed the use of synth in their music because not only do I love synths, but it was both surprising and refreshing when I recognized the synth playing as I hadn’t expected one to be a major part in a band like this.

Overall, Red Shift is a relatively respectable rock band. They are new so there is plenty of time in the future for them to improve, and since they’re starting off in a very good position to begin with through great instrumentals, vocals, and talent, it will be exciting to see where this takes them in the future. On Friday September 23, Red Shift is holding a concert to officially release their first album. From 8pm-11pm Red Shift will be playing at Mean Max Brew Works in Glens Falls with Squanch and other special guests. Having only heard four of their songs, I’m curious to see what else they have up their sleeves for this album release and how it compares to what I’ve heard so far.

Key Tracks: Around the Sun, By Design, Heads or Tails, Victorious

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