Chris Brown Taken Into Custody After Home Gun Incident, Posts Bail

Chris Brown just can’t help himself, as he finds himself in trouble again. NBC News reports that the Hip Hop and R&B singer was taken into custody by the Los Angeles Police Department after law enforcement showed up to Browns house with a warrant. An unidentified woman claimed that Brown had threatened her with a gun.

Chris Brown

The early morning incident happened when the unidentified woman claimed that Brown had pointed a gun at her before she left his gated estate in Tarzana. Police received a phone call around 3:00 a.m., sending several patrol cars to Brown’s home early Tuesday.

Lt. Chris Ramirez told reporters that, “Mr. Brown is going to be transported where he will be arrested for ADW (Assault with a Deadly Weapon).” Police stated “Brown will be formally booked sometime Tuesday night, or early Wednesday morning.”

As of this afternoon, Lt. Ramirez stated that people were removed from the residence, and interviews would take place following a “protective sweep” of Brown’s home. Ramirez also told reporters that the investigation is still ongoing, and the search still being conducted and evidence collected. He would not comment on whether a gun or any other weapons were found on the premises due to the investigation still being on-going.

Sources also reported to NBC that witnesses say Brown, who has recently pleaded guilty to a felony assault for another crime, refused to come out of his home when officers arrived. Some witnesses on the scene were uncooperative.

Brown released a video on his official Instagram account. The profanity laced video has Brown saying that he is fed up with police showing up to his house. Brown stated “Every three months, y’all come up with something, bro. What is it? What’s going to be next?” he asked, adding, “At the same time, when I call police for stalker people … they don’t come until the next day.”

Brown’s most famous dust up with the law is when he assaulted his then girlfriend singer Rihanna, after a night out on the town in 2009.

According to the Associated Press, Brown was released late Tuesday after posting bail of $250,000.

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