Hearing Aide: Keepin’ The Family Debut EP

New Jersey indie rock band Keepin’ The Family independently released their self-titled debut EP in late June. The five-piece band has been gaining ground, only just getting started in 2016. With interesting instrumentation, including a trumpet and banjo, Keepin’ The Family has a range of talent with a little something for everyone. 10707147_1065713793490471_956034429_n(1)

The first track ‘Wet Snow’ comes in fast and heavy, with lead singer Jacob Cafaro’s voice barreling through. The song’s impetus rhythm is undeniable, making it difficult to not bop your head to the beat of the drums. Throw in some banjo, and you’ve got yourself a beautifully intense song. It would be easy to pop this album in at the start of a road trip and get a solid start.

Track three, titled ‘Charlotte’s Web,’ shows the band’s ability so slow it down and make listeners daydream a little. Slower in tempo and on the playful side, the track builds to a beautiful Allman Brother’s-esque guitar solo that makes the track feel more like a story. Cafaro’s voice isn’t perfect, but always hangs on and finds the perfect place to be. The band’s playful side is apparent, whether it be a rock song or a slower ballad.

Getting to the final track, ‘Road Trip,’ listeners are given a simple, clean song that feels inspiring and promising. The banjo yet again shines through, adding a piece of bluegrass to the already classic song. It would be easy to listen a few times and want to sing along by yourself on the open road.

‘Keepin’ The Family’ is a really fantastic introduction to what this band is capable of. Their influences may be obvious to most, but the range of their music is unique and vast. Not many bands include banjo and trumpet, only adding to their already remarkable abilities. With just five tracks, listeners can be in any mood to enjoy the album in full. Keepin’ The Family has a promising future if they continue to put out albums that not just engage listeners, but make them really feel it.

Catch up with Keepin’ The Family on their Facebook page, and listen to the album on their Bandcamp.

Key Tracks: Wet Snow, Camelot, Road Trip

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