Phish Brings Joy to SPAC Night 3

Phish returned to SPAC to close out their three-night run. Following two incredibly fun shows, excitement and expectations for the Sunday show were sky high. The weather was as perfect as Saturday night. Fans roamed the packed lots well before the show, and, upon entering the venue, were greeted with easier security lines than the previous night. While the music may not have met the expectations of those hungry for a monster show, it had its moments, and everyone was filled with love and joy.

Phish-SPAC-2016 (5)

The first set was filled with many of their fun shorter songs that didn’t see much jamming, kicking off with “The Wedge” and “Heavy Things.” The dance party got started when the band launched into “Tube.” While a very fun Gordon song, “Sugar Shack” has been on many fans’ drop list for Phish, preferring it played by Gordon’s solo band. Anastasio hasn’t seemed to be able play it well. McConnell came out from behind the keys to croon the audience with “Lawn Boy” before a fast-paced “Sparkle” made it’s triumphant return following an absence in 2015. Excitement built as the first notes of “It’s Ice” were heard, followed by “Guelah Papyrus,” but the band took it down again with “Ocelot.” The set ended on a high note with “Possum” that brought the energy through the roof and glow sticks flying as everyone waited in anticipation of what would likely be a big second set.

When Phish came back to open the second set with “Soul Shakedown Party,” the increased energy and excitement could be felt throughout the crowd. Then came the funk. “The Moma Dance” featured an extended Type II jam that brought us all to outer space, clocking in around 17 minutes and competing for best version. While much of the rest of the set was less interesting musically, the love throughout the crowd could be cut with a knife. “Joy” brought some needed relaxation to the set with the band telling us “we want you to be happy,” and the happiness spread like a wildfire. New song “Breath and Burning” came next, played for a third time this summer after its debut at Deer Creek. The energy returned at the end of the set with “Axilla > Theme from the Bottom > Harry Hood > Show of Life.” We all knew who our friends were during “Theme” as we were surrounded by them. “Harry Hood” featured a blissful jam and could have ended the set, but the band had another message for us. “Show of Life” returned for the first time since New Year’s Eve 2013 to close it out. When the band came out for the encore, we were all surprised that it would be “Rock and Roll.” It was, however, a fitting cap to what was a euphoric set as our lives had all just been saved by rock and roll.


The crowd was slow to disperse following the set as high fives, hugs and smiles were exchanged among new friends. The three-night run had come to a close, leaving all of us just a bit closer to finding ourselves in this show of life. Everyone walked out even more excited for the remainder of the tour. Next stop, Portland!

Setlist by

Soundcheck: Winterqueen (x2), Guelah Papyrus

Set 1: The Wedge, Heavy Things, Tube, Sugar Shack, Lawn Boy, Sparkle > Sample in a Jar, It’s Ice > Guelah Papyrus, Ocelot > Scent of a Mule, Possum

Set 2: Soul Shakedown Party, The Moma Dance > Twist > Joy > Breath and Burning, Axilla > Theme From the Bottom > Harry Hood > Show of Life

Encore: Rock and Roll


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