Whitesnake Fills Artpark For A Night Of Greatest Hits

On Tuesday, June 28th, Whitesnake and special guests Whitford/St. Holmes rolled into Lewiston, NY for an unforgettable night at Artpark.

The evening started off just after 7PM with Whitford/St. Holmes. For those who were unfamiliar with the band, they surely put two and two together once the two legends took the stage. Nearly 40 years ago, Brad Whitford left Aerosmith to team up with Ted Nugent vocalist Derek St. Holmes to do an album and a tour. Now in 2016, the duo have another album and are getting the crowds ready each night for Whitesnake. Together, Whitford and St. Holmes cranked through 6 songs off their new album Reunion and ended with a mix of Aerosmith/Nugent tracks. For fans of that pure rock/blues rock genre, Whitford/St. Holmes truly bring it. As an added bonus, immediately after their set, both Whitford and St. Holmes stopped by the merch booth to sign copies of Reunion and meet fans.


After a quick stage change,  the sound of “My Generation” by The Who came over the PA. This sound meant it was time to start the show and out walked the man everyone came to see, David Coverdale. Forming Whitesnake in 1978 after leaving Deep Purple, Coverdale has been the front-man ever since. Joining Coverdale in Whitesnake on Tuesday, were Tommy Aldridge on drums, Reb Beach and Joel Hoekstra on guitar, Michael Devin on bass and Michele Luppi on keyboards.


The set kicked off with the track “Bad Boys” which was off the 1987 release Whitesnake. From that point, the crowd knew that the band was there for business. Labeled as “The Greatest Hits Tour”, Coverdale and the rest of Whitesnake surely delivered that to Artpark. Fans probably could have guessed what Whitesnake was going to play that evening but that wasn’t the point. It’s not often an iconic band such as Whitesnake comes to Lewiston, NY to play the beautiful Artpark. Judging from the turnout, everyone seemed to agree and bought tickets for the show. Artpark always offers great prices to their shows and at their concession stands.


One of the highlights of the night was watching Reb Beach and Joel Hoekstra on guitar. The two went back and forth all night trading guitar licks and ripping solos. The two of them play with such ease and know how to perform. Both Beach and Hoekstra have great résumés. Beach has worked with bands such as Winger, Dokken, Alice Cooper and more. Joel Hoekstra, on the other hand, played for Night Ranger and was a member of the Trans Siberian Orchestra.


Fans both young and old were spotted throughout the crowded amphitheater. Parents, who’ve been listening to Whitesnake for what seems like ages now, brought out their kids to see the show. Seeing generations rock out together to songs like “Slow an’Easy”, “Is This Love” and “Here I Go Again” goes to show how timeless these songs are. Whitesnake’s legacy is one that is surely going to last forever.

Coverdale and the rest of Whitesnake ended the night with the hard-hitting track “Still of the Night” off their 1987 self-titled album. Coverdale, for being 64 years old, still sings the classic hits, like this one, incredibly well and left the audience standing begging for more.

Whitesnake Setlist

Bad Boys, Slide It In, Love Ain’t No Stranger, The Deeper The Love, Fool For Your Loving, Sailing Ships/Judgement Day, Guitar Solo, Slow an’Easy, Bass Solo, Crying In The Rain, Drum Solo, Is This Love, Give Me All Your Love, Here I Go Again, Still Of The Night.

Whitford/St. Holmes Setlist

Shapes, Rock All Day, Hell Is On Fire, Gotta Keep On Movin’, Shake It, Hot For You, Dayjob Medley (Last Child/Train Kept A-Rollin’/Stranglehold)

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