“Friends” Premieres at The Mann, Fishman shares Lyrics

Phish premiered a new song, “Friends” from Syracuse’s favorite drummer, Jon Fishman on June 29 at the Mann in Philadelphia. Fishman posted the lyrics in the comments of a fan’s (Peter Banta) Facebook post earlier today.

The band kicked off a three-night run at Saratoga Performing Arts Center Friday night, which included another debut, “Let’s Go.” NYS Music is on site and will have a full wrap up of the SPAC run.

NYS Music loves new songs as much as other dedicated fans. Share your thoughts on this, and other premieres on this tour.

Friends, by Jon Fishman

If the lord ever comes

descending from the skies in some fiery fashion
as so many say he will
You will not see me
going joyously to greet him expecting my deliverance,
but running for the hills
For if such a day should come to pass
this is no God come to save the human race,
but a big boat
like the ones our forefathers sailed
having made it across the great ocean to our shores
from outer space.
And friends
when that boat finally comes
ascending from the depths of our imagination
to appear within our sight
We’ll be born again
as we’ve been so many times all throughout the ages when we find that we’re not right,
and with darkness lifted from our eyes, then we’ll find what should come as no surprise…
We’re on a big boat like the ones our forefathers sailed
headed across the great ocean from our shores to outer space

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