Hearing Aide: Waydown Wailers “Empty Promises”

The whiskey drinkin’ outlaws of Waydown Wailers from Northern New York have been roaming across the state supporting the release of their sophomore recording, Empty Promises. Brothers Dave (lead guitar/vocals) and Christian Parker (guitar) along with Michael Scriminger (drums/percussion) and Connor Pelkey (bass/backing vocals) outfit the four-man roots rock band, which coalesced in 2012.

Waydown Wailers Empty PromisesReleased February 2016 through Woodstock Records, Empty Promises embodies a multitude of familiar human experiences nestled in straightforward blues-rock riffs and uncomplicated lyrics. The cautionary “Don’t Let Life Pass You By” opens the 10-track album, spurring listeners to derive meaning through a slew of thrill-seeking adventures. Dave contends, “You can spend your money, ya won’t ever get it back, to get that feeling that you lack.” Though jumping from an airplane or being shot from a cannon may only appeal to some, anyone can relate to the notion of attributing meaning through memorable experiences.

The title track “Empty Promises” engages a harder rock sound with more percussive guitar. Waydown Wailers‘ genre-bending outlaw jam style is embodied by the varying stylistic elements of this song. Low octave backing vocals reiterate lyrics in a “Monster Mash” fashion, while the chorus in unison with guitar impart a likeness to Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger.” “Jealousy” concludes with an uptempo organ-driven siege perfectly tailored for a wild west cowboy chase. Strong classic rock vibes on “No Time to Waste” emulate a satisfying Allman Brothers-esque guitar mix, while “St. Vraine” gets a little softer in Eagles fashion, depicting the unrelenting power of a river in Colorado.

These rock outlaws are keeping fairly busy throughout the summer playing shows across the Empire State, with the next upcoming gig on Thursday, June 16 at the Westcott Theater opening for Devon Allman Band. Interested in the album? Purchase it here.

Key Tracks: Empty Promises, No Time to Waste, St. Vraine

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