Hearing Aide: The Broadcast ‘From the Horizon’


Within a flashy realm of brass interludes, conventional chord structures and foot-tapping rhythmic changes, the Broadcast will soon release their third studio album, entitled From the Horizon.

As every grassroots band from Asheville, North Carolina, faces in their early stages, the eagerness to record, sell and play often sidetracks the artist from the bigger picture: the feeling of  security in their sound. And after three initial releases of Days Like Dreams (2010), Live (2012) and Dodge the Arrow (2013), the Broadcast’s upcoming record From the Horizon is a sonic gearshift from classic funk-rock to Americana roots-rock that offers listeners a soulful soundscape of influences. As the band’s sound continues to mature, so does their self-confidence, and it is here that we learn what defines the Broadcast musically, at least for now.

From the Horizon is declarative in its intentions, and has enough variety to please all ears. Frequent festival-goers who prefer a more summer-in-your-backyard tune will most likely gravitate toward “Double Down” and “Eyes of A Woman,” embodying illustrious riffs from guitarist Aaron Austin and a Grace Potter-like writing style delivered by powerhouse vocalist Caitlin Krisko. For others who thrive in the stomping and hollering kind of rush, jump right to “Every Step” and “Bring It On Home” with the on-target rhythm section featuring bassist E’Lon Jordan-Dunlap and percussionists Jaze Uries and Tyler Housholder. The most contrasting part of the album sits on the slide of Austin’s guitar in the bluesy twang of “Battle Cry,” which boasts an equally rebellious lyrical message to match.

There’s no doubt that the Broadcast has finally found their sound in From the Horizon, being that they were able to land Grammy Award-winning producer Jim Scott (Wilco, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Sting) in their control room and have already secured several festival dates sure to draw in new crowds this summer. With a variety of folk-timbred instrumentation, aux percussion and soulful growls, this is a band that has potential for great success in the live music sphere. However, their musical vision quest is hardly over, and they’ll need a little more development before taking on the world of recorded rock and Americana, but we’re happy to follow along.

From the Horizon officially drops on June 17, but a selection of the album’s tracks can be sampled on soundcloud. Keep up-to-date with the Broadcast on their website and Facebook page.

Key Tracks: Every Step, Bring It On Home, Battle Cry


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