Cradle of Filth Unleashes ‘Inquisitional Torture Tour’ On Cleveland

Not since 2011, have the states been graced by one of the most renown British metal bands, Cradle of Filth. The North American Inquisitional Torture Tour was meant to kick off in Philadelphia, PA on January 26, but the first four dates were cancelled due to visa issues. The tour kicked off on January 31 in Charlotte, NC and wrapped up in New York, NY on March 8 before heading back overseas.

Joining Cradle of Filth on this tour were Los Angeles natives, Butcher Babies and the Australian Progressive Death Metal band, Ne Obliviscaris, who were embarking on their first US tour.

Cradle of FilthOn March 3rd, the House of Blues in Cleveland, Ohio fell under siege to the trio of metal bands. A long line of Cradle of Filth fans outside the venue, braving the elements eagerly waiting for the show. Some with their faces painted and donning wildly colored contacts similar to those of Cradle’s vocalist, Dani Filth.

The night started off with Ne Obliviscaris, who immediately won the crowd over. From the powerful screams and growling vocals of Xenoyr to the clean vocals and symphonic cries of the violin by Tim Charles along with guitarists Benjamin Baret and Matt Klavins, bassist Brendan Brown and drummer Daniel Presland, this band knew how to leave you wanting more.  Their 2015 EPs Sarabande to Nihil and Hiraeth are worth checking out.

Cradle of FilthIt’s always refreshing to see women, dominating the stage in the metal world and that’s just what the Butcher Babies did. With their their aggressive stage attire and vocals, the band’s frontwomen Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey kept the crowd screaming. Backed by Henry Flury on guitar, Jason Klein on Bass and Chrissy Warner on drums, the band played songs from their 2015 album, “Take It Like A Man.”

Setlist: National Bloody Anthem, Blonde Girls All Look the Same, The Butcher, Gravemaker, Igniter, Jesus Needs More Babies for His War Machine, Monster’s Ball, Magnolia Blvd., The Deathsurround, Goliath, I Smell a Massacre and Axe Wound.

Cradle of Filth’s long awaited US Tour brought fans flocking from out of state to Cleveland’s House of Blues. The band serenaded the crowd with favorites from albums past in addition to songs from their new album Hammer Of The Witches, the album cover which also made for the background for the stage. Frontman Dani’s entered the stage in spiked attire, a painted face and ghoulish contact lenses, later adding of a crown of horns. With their sometimes dark and provocatively poetic lyrics, symphonic musical style and macabre imagery  a Cradle of Filth performance is always a glorious spectacle. With the unique vocals of Dani Filth in addition to the vocal power of keyboardist, Lindsay Schoolcraft along with Martin ‘Marthus’ Skaroupka on drums, guitarists Richard Shaw and Marek ‘Ashok’ Šmerda, bassist Daniel Firth, Cradle of Filth never fails to deliver and outstanding performance.

Setlist: Humana Inspired to Nightmare (Intro), Heaven Torn Asunder, Gilded Cunt, Blackest Magick in Practice, Lord Abortion, The Graveyard by Moonlight, Malice Through the Looking Glass, Right Wing of the Garden Triptych, Born in a Burial Gown, Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids, Nymphetamine (Fix), Her Ghost in the Fog, The Twisted Nails of Faith, Yours Immortally, From the Cradle to Enslave, At the Gates of Midian, Cthulhu Dawn, The Principle of Evil Made Flesh and The Forest Whispers My Name.

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