Cannibal Corpse Returns Home

DSC_1941-2The winter in Buffalo has been awfully nice to us this year. For those who know we are known for some of the worst snow conditions. This past Friday was quite the exception. We had a beautiful 45 degree day to welcome Buffalo native legends Cannibal Corpse back to the stage. Hundreds of death metal fans descended upon Town Ballroom, you could tell without a doubt just about everyone was there to see CB. From Denim Jackets with huge patches sown, to zip up hoodies with their name. Cannibal Corpse is currently on tour promoting their latest album from 2014 A Skeletal Domain and joining them on tour are death metal veterans, Cryptopsy, Abysmal Dawn and Obituary, also a heavy hitter in the death metal genre.

The show opened with Abysmal Dawn.  They provided a high energy 40 minute set that brought a buzz to the already lively crowd. After a short 15 minute break, the road crew had the stage set for Crytopsy. The Canadian veterans brought the crowd to another level of excitement as singer, Matt McGachy, effortlessly took command of the stage and encouraged the rowdiness of the audience.  Midway through their set, a mosh pit formed in the middle of the crowd. Elbows and bodies met as those participating appeared to have a great time as they released a weeks worth of aggression in the pit.

Obituary quickly set up and the guys played a instrumental number before singer John Tardy ran onto stage got the crowd roaring. It would be easy and obvious to say turned the crowd into a giant circle pit. The sound was brilliant.  Loud but not too loud, and it was crisp so you could hear every note. Solos were incredible. Every pick, every bend, was clearly audible and in perfect unison.

When the lights dimmed in anticipation of Cannibal Corpse taking the stage, the venue erupted in cheers and screams. After all some of these guys are Buffalo Natives. For a brief second, vocalist George Fisher could have been mistaken for the mass axe murderer in a horror movie. The  set began with “Evisceration Plague.” After the first song, they dug deep into their catalog, playing some of their best tracks from as far back as Tomb of the Mutilated. It wasn’t until the midpoint of the set that they played a few songs from their 2014 release, A Skeletal Domain, including “Kill or Become,” “Icepick Lobotomy,” and “Sadistic Embodiment.” Throughout their set, the crowd was worked into a hysteria state. This was the type of show that leaves you sweaty and exhausted, in a good way. The show was loud, brutal and electrifying. Cannibal Corpse did not disappoint with their flawless musicianship

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