Annie in the Water w/ St. Lenox Take the Spotlight

Annie in the Water brought a huge crowd to Funk ‘n Waffles located in downtown Syracuse Friday night, two party buses of about 90 people from Hamilton NY pulled in, more than half of them were Colgate University students.

Opener St. Lenox took the stage as a solo act and immediately captivated the roaring crowd with his incredible voice, catching the attention of passerby’s who peered in the window out of curiosity, before entering.

Annie in the Water is proving to be one of the most formidable funk bands that has ever occupied Funk ‘n Waffles and it was to no surprise that they immediately captivated the crowd.

Those who are familiar with the band know that this tenacious trio haven’t had a bass player for quite some time, but it took them by surprise to see they welcomed back an old friend Lucas Singleton from Albany NY. Lucas has played with Michael Lashomb and Brad Hester in the past and he was undoubtedly a great addition to the show. Brad Hester also introduced a significantly new instrument to the mix, the Jamboxx, which plays high quality impressive digital sounds and is still under development.

Stay tuned for their newest album to be released this year!

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