Otis Live Presents: New Paltz’s Upstate Rubdown

Upstate Rubdown, based out of New Paltz, NY, has a new video courtesy of Otis Live. Having performed at Otis Mountain Get Down on September 12, 2015, the group of diverse musicians who combine jazz, gospel, folk, bluegrass and Broadway with soul, Motown and R&B create a unique sound. Their video is from a session in the woods of Baxter Camp at Otis Mountain features three tracks: “How’m I Doin?,” “Jimmy (You Know How To Live),” and “Old Advice.” Read an interview with the group and enjoy the latest from Otis Live.

Credit: Directed & Edited by George Watts, Produced by Quillan George & George Watts, Additional Shots by Kayhl Cooper, Scott Sweitzer & Tazer Landlow, Field Recording Mastered by Eric Maier at Future Fields Recordings

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