Hearing Aide: Space Jesus ‘Close Encounters’

November 20 marked the release date of the much anticipated album by EDM artist Space Jesus. The album Close Encounters is okay with a few redeeming songs on the album and as a whole it did not stand out as unique. “HydraBadMan” is one of the better songs on the compilation as Jasha Tull was able to manipulate bass that felt eerie and all encompassing. However dissecting the rest the “HydraBadMan” minus the bass, it felt unauthentic – a feeling reflected in the whole album. The song “The Sultan” felt easily calculated and lacking personal voice. The album does not stand up with the multitudes of other compellingly abstract music that tries to merge Middle Eastern influences into contemporary music of America. Consider the Source for example is a band that does a stunning job of that. Some characteristics of sounds were hinted at but not well represented.

Space Jesus
Space Jesus, Close Encounters

The album does demonstrate that the artist has knowledge of this hip-hop style where the bass in smoothed out and slowed down to create what we know as dubstep. The frequencies in the track “Sycamore” are nice and I think that is one of the songs where the whole sound came together. Each entity in “Sycamore” relies on the other for strength and pivot point. This could be a fascinating album if you are looking into electronic music and wanted an album that features a variety of different sounds.  However what is lacking here in the Close Encounters album is connection from track to track. There is no story being told or any sort of desire to transcend the confines of four minutes. The concept of the album is using it as a means of birthing a beast, creating an entity or exploring flow. The experience of listening to a good album for the first, second and third time should be like bearing witness to an inspiration that the musician had a genuine interest in serving out.  Yet no relationship could be found between the music and the feelings that were supposed to be alluded by Space Jesus. 

Key Tracks: HydraBadMan, Sycamore

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