Country Boy TVBOO Stops in Buffalo for Comedic EDM Show 

Mississippi phenomenon that is TVBOO had a special show at Buffalo’s Town Ballroom on April 13. His unique bass lines are what make every dubstep lover go crazy, but it’s his comedic flair that takes his performance up several notches. 

Photo Credit: Maddie McCafferty

Local support RainMan made his Town Ballroom debut that night. He was joined by the intrepid duo sfam. Their performance was followed by AHEE who is known for his high-energy dubstep and mesmerizing sonic exploration. 

AHEE, Photo Credit: Maddie McCafferty

TVBOO then took over the stage with his knee high socks and iconic mullet. This man is a performer through and through knowing exactly when to add his comedic tidbits for laughter and sound bites. 

Photo Credit: Maddie McCafferty

This producer’s infamous voice samples and funky beats make his songs so memorable whether or not you have heard of TVBOO. He played countless tunes off of his hit 2022 album Blue Collar Bass including his collaboration with GRiZ, “Bass Music.” 

Photo Credit: Maddie McCafferty

The Meme Master

TVBOO’s funky beats are what everyone loves to groove to but his visuals are some of which people can’t stop talking about. They’ll either leave you confused on what is going on or dying from laughter. He makes memes of himself that are stuck in everyone’s head by the end of the night. Some of which include him riding on a bald eagle or licking his eyebrows to name a few. 

Photo Credit: Maddie McCafferty

TVBOO mixes into his sets both new and old tunes. He throws it back with his single, “Skrawberries” where he dedicates it to a girl that came into his life that tasted like strawberries. The artist even replays this song over so the crowd can match the energy needed for a tune that goes this hard. He also played his latest single, “Cha Cha Step” which fans got to hear for the first time live. 

Photo Credit: Maddie McCafferty

This was a memorable night for both TVBOO and his fans. It ended with the artist announcing he will be back for a stop on his fall 2024 tour. So if you missed TVBOO this time around make sure not to miss him for his return.  

If you’re looking for more EDM events in Western NY then you’re in luck! Liquid Stranger performs on April 19 and The Glitch Mob will be playing a 360 show on April 26. Get your tickets here.   

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