String Cheese Incident Brings It To FShed – A First Timers Random Thoughts

I have always liked cheese, whether it’s a nice Brie, Jarlsberg, smoked Gouda, or even NY Cheddar; after all who doesn’t love cheese.  Only made sense I would like a band named String Cheese Incident.  Thought to myself, “wonder where that ‘incident’ part came from?”.  Guess I would quickly learn, as off I went to my first String Cheese Incident show at Syracuse’s F-Shed, Oct. 21.

String Cheese - 20151021_195946 copy

Normally covering rock, country, and bluegrass genres mainly, I was a little apprehensive if I would be able to do a review justice.  After all these guys have been around for 22 years and have a huge following.  Come on, selling out Red Rocks numerous times, who wouldn’t be a little bit nervous?  I’m sure journalists over the years have written extensive bios, talked about recent releases highlighting just the right musical points, and critiqued their shows with expertise.  If that’s they type of review you’re expecting, let me apologize now.  This is a review through the eyes of a newcomer.  These random thoughts and observations often go unnoticed to those that have been desensitized to their surroundings.  So let me share with you, what this country gal noticed throughout the night at her first incident.

  • Merchandise sales begin in the parking lot.  Bowls and pins, something for everyone. How enterprising.
  • String Cheese 20151021_194959 copyMy first friend I met inside was holding a stuffed cat named Kathy B.  Really?  (my maiden name was Kathy B!) #karmic
  • Lots of beards – ahhh.. not so different than country and bluegrass shows.
  • Lots of headbands – I like headbands.  I should buy more headbands.  I could pull off headbands.
  • Hey, I could have worn my glow in the dark devil ears too. #hindsight
  • I really should have worn pajama bottoms and my poncho – little overdressed in my dress slacks and work blazer.
  • Oh wow, a pink cowboy hat – feel at home now for sure.
  • Hey, there’s Jake the Dog from Adventure Time! Seriously, a guy is wearing a Jake the Dog costume – sweet – now I’m really overdressed.  Hope he doesn’t have to pee half way through the show as he’s standing right by me.
  • Okay, any band that starts off with a fiddle solo is okay in my book – Love them already.
  • Holy shit they can pick and fiddle.
  • Okay, they have framed photos of their wife and kids on the amp – really love these guys even more now.
  • Light Show is amazing!!! Good thing lights don’t bother me or cause seizures of any kind. #dontchangeathing
  • Shit…reggae mannn!  I want my flip-flops and a Corona now.
  • Bongos too?  Be still my heart.
  • Fiddle players must all wear Bob Marley shirts!! I’m making it a law.String Cheese - IMG_1277 copy
  • Did I mention he could really pick?
  • Oh hell yeah, 70’s funk is still cool.
  • Drums Baby.
  • Wow, thank you so much for putting both drum kits up on platforms.  Photographers want to photograph you too.
  • Wow everyone behind me is jumping, should I be jumping? I would probably hurt myself if I jumped.  #notcoordinatedenough
  • Every instrument is as strong as the other, nothing overpowers the other.  Sweet.  These musicians rock baby.
  • Okay, these lights that look like snow are as much snow as I want any time soon. #supercoolthough
  • Random cobweb making rounds in the crowd.  Hope I don’t get caught in it.  I am blonde you know.
  • Boy does Kyle look like my first boyfriend! Nah, couldn’t be.
  • I swear I just saw Russell Brand taking photos at this show.  Wait, is Russell Brand now a photographer?
  • Tiny triangles make beautiful music.
  • Wonder what the crowd looks like from up on stage jumping up and down?
  • Sick guitar riff…wow. #mindblown
  • Slide Whistle?….OMG that was awesome. I could take up that instrument.
  • Never heard such smooth seamless transitions between genres in my life.  Beautifully done guys.
  • Even sound board dude is jamming. Love when soundboard guys jam too.
  • Hey that one song has a Richie Vallens vibe.
  • New random friend “J” from north country – I was not taking dinner orders with my notepad but I will definitely have to try fries with mayo now.
  • Oh hell yeah you definitely pulled off those bell bottoms Mike Kang. #crushing
  • And I like that belt too.
  • I now want a Bob Marley playing soccer shirt.
  • Yeah, red and purple lights suck even worse when trying to take cell phone photos.
  • Hard rock riffs too?  Heavenly guys.
  • Yep that synth sound was totally back to the futur-ish. Nice.
  • Uni pod for photos?  Wonder if they are worth it to get those crowd shots?
  • Glow in the dark devil ears man playing a mean air guitar.  Should have dressed up in devil glow-in-the-dark ears too.  Wonder where he got them, as I really don’t have a pair.
  • Hats are in.  Why don’t I wear hats more?
  • Kathy B. the cat is dancing so much.
  • I don’t care how blonde I am, I’m dancing.
  • Love how Kyle mimics each note he plays – makes me smile.
  • Yeah, bongos always make me dance – yeah total turn on.
  • So glad your first concert was Santana in Syracuse because all these years later, we got to see you.
  • I have been Incident-ed.

So I understand the ‘incident’ now. Incident means; likely to happen because of; resulting from.  It is very likely that I once again will see another String Cheese show, causing many more ‘incidents’ to occur.  Resulting from my first show, I will happily enjoy this band from this point further.  Such a happy incident. Note to self, must find glow-in-dark devil ears and Bob Marley shirt before the next incident.

Set 1: Valley of the Jig, Eye Know Why, San Jose’*, Doin’ My Time > Chameleon, Love Is Like A Train > On The Road

Set 2: Colorado Bluebird Sky, Rhythm of the Road > Blackberry Blossom#, Stay Through, Joyful Sound, Colliding, Rollover

Encore: Rolling In My Sweet Baby’s Arms

* = last time played 8/2/13 (88 Incidents)
# = featuring “Back to the Future” Jam
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