Grunge Legends Unite to Form Ten Commandos Project

Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron and bassist Ben Shepard have collaborated with Queens of the Stone Age guitarist Alain Johannes and Screaming Trees singer Mark Lanegan to form Ten Commandos, a hard-rock grunge group whose self-titled debut album will be released in late November.

The 10-song album features rock musician Peter Frampton and soul musician Nikka Costa. Frampton will perform on the track “Sketch 9,” while Costa sings on “Come.”tencommandoscd

The record’s opening track “Staring Down the Dust” was released as a single on Oct. 9, featuring Lanegan’s raspy vocals over dirty guitar parts and heavy drumming with enough angst to teleport you back to 1990s Seattle.

Ten Commandos is available to be purchased on pre-sale at CDs are on sale for $11.99, while vinyls cost $22.99.

This most recent project is just the latest of Cameron and Shepard collaboration projects. The two played together in the band Hater, founded in 1993. Hater released two albums, the self-titled album released in 1993 and The 2nd, released in 2005.

Cameron and Shepard also paired up in the group Wellwood Conspiracy, which released four studio albums between 1997 and 2003.

Soundgarden is currently recording their seventh studio album, to be released in 2016.

Ten Commandos song list

  • Staring Down the Dust
  • War on the Peace
  • Outermost Sky
  • Come
  • You Might Forget
  • Sketch 9
  • Sporthalle
  • Four on the Floor
  • Aware
  • Invisibility

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