Seven Witches Release Video For ‘World Without Man’

New Jersey metallists Seven Witches independently unleashed their sophomore album entitled The Way of the Wicked last week. And now the group has released the second video off the new album “World Without Man” which can be viewed below. Lead by vocalist Anthony Cross, guitarist Jack Frost, bassist Ronnie Parkes, and drummer Johnny Kelly; the band released the following statement:

“When I got the demo version of the music, I knew these were the lyrics I wanted to use for it,” recalls Cross. “The opening line was something that I had jotted down some time ago. ‘How would it be, if one day, man no longer was?'” Cross continued “Think about it….you’ve seen documentaries that show you that if human life ceased to exist, the planet would start to heal. Lyrically, this is where this came from. I’m also a big fan of the Richard Matheson story, ‘I Am Legend,’ so that fed into it as well. So really, if everyone and everything was gone, how would you go on with your life?”

And according to Cross, his songwriting union with Frost is already a career highlight. “Writing with Jack Frost is a treat! He will usually come up with suggestions and ideas that I would never think of. And in the end we are both happy with the result.” And the union is already paying off, as evidenced by the song “World Without Man,” and the full-length ‘The Way of the Wicked.’

The band has not posted any tour dates as of yet, however you can purchase The Way Of The Wicked here.


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