Trapt’s Chris Taylor Brown Gets in Argument With Local Band in New Jersey

Singer Chris Taylor Brown of Trapt reportedly got into an argument the day after their performance at K-Rockathon 20 in Syracuse. On Sunday, July 26, Brown can be seen arguing with local bad Too Far Lost at the Stanhope House in New Jersey before his band mate ushered him away. A 30-second cell phone video clip popped up on Youtube showing the altercation.

Too Far Lost was one of the opening acts for Trapt that night. According to Andy Bane, frontman for another opening band on the bill called Dangerkids, Trapt told Too Far Lost band members that they could not sell their merch at the show. Bane also stated that Brown proceeded to call the band fat, worthless and told Too Far Lost members, “You’re in a local band so you don’t matter.”

Zach Myers, guitarist for Shinedown, posted a response on a fan’s Facebook page that posted about the Brown incident. Myers said Brown talked $#!t about Brent Smith of Shinedown, and Brent confronted Brown at K-Rockathon, though Brown ignored Brent and the band. Brown later posted on social media that his band Trapt was better than Shinedown. On Monday, Brown released a video on the band’s

Wanted to explain where this rage I’ve had lately comes from. Had a lot to say, so thought I would do so in a video.

Posted by Trapt OFFICIAL on Monday, July 27, 2015

Alternative Press reported that Trapt and Bane were bantering back and forth on Facebook. The post has since been taken down. Bane posted,

“You make a post about bullying and then an hour later tell one of your openings bands (who were required to sell tickets to your shitty show) that they can’t sell their merch? Call them fat and worthless and ‘you’re in a local band you don’t matter?’ Sorry ‘Headstrong’ hasn’t been relevant in over 10 years. Maybe you should hang it up.”

This prompted Trapt to reply by posting:

“Worry about your own band and your own career and maybe writing a song that people like. Our one Top 40 hit, that was the biggest alternative song of last decade, is one of our 12 songs that crossed at least the top 20 in rock, so I guess you can only have a hit if [it’s] on pop stations in your opinion. Douchebag.”

Trapt also posted:

“‘Headstrong’ makes more money yearly than you’ve made in your whole life. You’re so dangerous… No one said they can’t sell merch. That band wanted 3 fucking tables and we wanted our main support to have at least 1 table. That girl in the video bitched and said then we will take our stuff and leave and we said go ahead and then that local band said if they didn’t go out and sell tickets than no one would be at the show, all 20 tickets they sold. The second local was [way] better and did a much better job promoting the show and selling the [tickets]… We rely on hard-working local bands to promote Trapt when we come to town. Fuck you! See you out there sometime!

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