What Does the VibeTribe Mean to You? Here are Your Answers

The official Gathering of the Vibes 2015 countdown is down to two DAYS.

Before we finish stuffing all our camping equipment into our cars, we wanted to up the suspense by asking members of the ever-growing VibeTribe to tell us what they love about GOTV, and what being a member of the VibeTribe means to them. In no particular order, here are the responses we love the most.

Submission by cdrhead:

“My first introduction to ‘the vibe tribe’ was when I started collecting GD tapes. I lived in the next town over from Terrapin Tapes so I would walk in and buy blank Maxell’s there. I switched to cd and started buying blank cds there too. I got to know some of the folks that worked there a little. I would see Ken barefoot at shows, and I was slow to catch on to festivals but when I learned Ken was the promoter I knew GOTV would be good (and I still see him barefoot at shows). I got into message boards at dead.net, then moved to an international forum that got shut down. I came to the vibes board and found lots of friends. I live in CT so I started going to the Vibes full time when they moved it back to Bridgeport. The family feeling is there, we are one tribe.”

Submission by jefferjm:

“Being part of the Tribe means knowing that at least once a year I can arrive in a place where I can be completely myself, and free of worry and the judgement of others.  It’s also my chance to spend the highest possible quality time with my 19 year old son. He was born 3 months after Jerry passed but Vibes and all the shows we attend together gives him the chance to see the community that changed my life for the better when I hopped on the bus on Halloween 1979 at the Nassau Colosseum.  Vibes continues to be the highlight of our year.”

Submission by Occifer Boland:

“I could go on for pages upon pages…. I won’t. In 2002 my big brother passed away at 37 years old. He was a ‘boardie’ at the time . He died one month before Vibes 2002… He bought my ticket for us to attend together. I wasn’t going to attend, as I was still a mess from losing him. Five days before event, my brother’s crew told me my bro Bob would want me to attend. I went…NEVER LOOKED BACK!!! Only missed 2 Vibes since then. Became ‘family’ with so many. As someone else stated, this is my yearly vacation. I am now 37 years old (age my brother was when he passed away), I am grateful for the years I put in to honor his memory of a festival he enjoyed. And this year The String Cheese Incident is playing, the last fest I saw them was in 2001 with my bro.”

Submission by Depends:

“My first vibes, 2008, I knew no one there.  Now, 2015, I have high hopes of seeing and hanging with upwards of 50 people, 25 of which I’m more than happy to call friends. I used to sit and wonder how/why so many younger people were there. I thought that it was an older person thing. Then I remembered my first GD concert, I was 15. I knew then, the teens and 20/30 somethings have had that same feeling. It’s home, with a heart.”

Submission by In A Silent Way:

“I wandered in by accident as the publicist for a local radio station, and met some of my favorite people in the world. I’ve been to two Vibe Tribe weddings, and my kids have had the privilege of growing up at Vibes. There is nothing, NOTHING like the hooting, hollering, and hugging that happens when the festival opens and everybody is saying ‘HAPPY VIBES!”

Submission by Lostsailr:

“In 1996, it was an ad in Dupree’s Diamond News that got us to get a sitter for out one year old twins and head to SUNY Purchase, to listen to some music to fill the void after the loss Of Jerry Garcia. We all wondered what would  happen, now that there were no more shows to go to (there will always be more concerts, but not any ‘Shows,’ though Chicago did just prove me wrong on that point). We came upon a group of fellow deadheads we never met, but automatically knew we were home. We were even greeted by the first volunteer we came to that day, and have been greeting others the same way ever since: ‘Welcome Home!”

Not excited enough yet? The team at Gathering of the Vibes just announced some new acts this past week, including Road To Vibes winners Relative Souls, along with the incredible Nigel Hall and Eric Krasno. In addition to great music, great weather is being forecasted for this weekend, upward of 86 degrees. We hope you all try to get through the first half of your work week, and we thank everyone for their responses. We can’t wait to see you over this sunny, musical weekend.


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