Hearing Aide: Brian LaPoint and the Joints’ ‘Pick Me Up’

11411991_898268020218742_7742425979889739458_oThe music of Brian LaPoint & the Joints seems to go quite well with summertime. It’s the type of music you can throw on and let play out over a summer night of hanging about and enjoying the simple treasures in life. It has strong lyrics with strong female and male singing to accompany all the tracks.

“Pick Me Up,” the first song off their album Pick Me Up, opens with a thick and velvety guitar that wails until being met with accompanying harmonies of a strong horn section. Lyrically, the song discusses concepts about the circle of life going down in a spiral and while help to rise up and stand amidst living with this struggle.

“Love and Inspiration” starts with a guitar part featuring muted strumming, reminiscent of something Nirvana may have done in the 1990s. But then the song takes a move towards a duet of singing between a man and a woman proclaiming their love for each other.

An abundance of different instruments can be heard across the album. Both a saxophone and trumpet solo soar through “Say Hello To Me” — a laid back groovy song that opens with a funk style bass riff.

In fact the strongest aspect of Brian LaPoint & the Joints may be the horn section. The trumpets and saxophones are recorded with great quality that ups the listening of the overall band. Across their album Pick Me Up, the band is able to cross musical genres and call upon various influences to create a unique sound of underwater (and sometimes reggae style) guitar, country-rock style vocals, and crisp drums matched with necessary keyboards and horns.

Instrumentally, this band seems like the kind to be able to have some fun live jams. They’re certainly a group that can stay true to their own sound, as the twelve songs flow effortlessly between each other without straying far from the vibe of the entire album.

Key Tracks:  Pick Me Up, Love & Inspiration, Say Hello To Me

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