Hearing Aide: Turkuaz ‘Stereochrome’

StereochromeCoverFINAL_800Short and sweet, this newly released four track EP is full of the uplifting soulful sounds that we’ve come to expect from Turkuaz. A self proclaimed “funk army” it’s obvious from the get-go that their mission is to get you on your feet. The first track, “The Fader” is high energy and completely instumental, reminicent of a stripped down James Brown song. The other three songs are full of meaningful lyrics and well-timed harmonies. The two female vocalists Sammi Garet and Shira Elias really shine throughout the EP, especially on “Tiptoe Through The Crypto” where Elias’sultry voice adds an authentic richness.

Sterochrome is like a revival of the ghost of funktown’s past. With their influences varying from Sly and the Family Stone to Parliament, Turkuaz excels at adding a refreshing take on an older, homegrown style. If you want to catch them live, they’re playing various dates around the Northeast in the coming weeks.

Key Track: The Fader