Tyler Farr Rocks The F Shed

What can be better than seeing two of Syracuse’s favorite bands, Castle Creek and Country Swagg? Just follow them up with country’s newest favorite bad boy, Tyler Farr, and you’ve got one hell of a rocking show.

Opening the show this evening was Sammy Award winners Castle Creek, whose soulful rock sound reverberated throughout the venue as they played both original music and covers. Their cover of the Beatles “Come Together” mashed up with Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in The Wall” was hands down one of the best covers I have ever heard! Having seen both Kim Monroe and Chris Eves play once before at a local festival, I looked forward to once again catching their set and congratulating them on their new award.. Blown away yet again, I sat there trying to pinpoint a reference of sorts to describe them to my readers. At a loss for adjectives that described their style, I feel as though perhaps certain influences of musical greats such as Bonnie Rait, Johnny Cash, Jack White, Pat Benetar, Muddy Waters, and so many others could very well have helped to direct their musical style.  Their distinctive uniqueness melded together perfectly while one never over shadowing the other at all. This deserves mentioning as they both display such very strong vocals and instrumentation. The fact that they can play and sing the same instruments simultaneously without becoming one sound and over powering the other is what makes their sound so unique, so soulful, so bluesy, and gets to me every time I see them. Just love them.

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Country Swag, took the stage next. Was the first time I saw this band and was thoroughly impressed by lead singer Mike Johnson who sings lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Gabe Infantino on bass, Tim Horst on lead guitar and Rob Trout on drums. Belting out rocking covers together with a few originals they certainly had the crowd warmed up by the time the main act took the stage. Appropriately named…they brought some foot stomping, party rocking, swag to the stage and had the crowd primed for the main event.

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As Tyler Farr took the stage, he welcomed everyone to and joked with the crowd there at the FShed. Yes, I too wonder Tyler what the “F” could stand for. I can speculate…but sometimes mysteries are much more fun. Having covered this band before I am always impressed with Tyler’s stage presence and interactions with his audience.

Appealing to all audiences members, don’t let his sexy raspy voice fool you in thinking he’s just another good ole boy singing country music. Well, he is a good ole country boy, however, he’s much more than what you see on the surface. This good ole boy enjoys his hunting, four wheeling, and fishing for sure, but what fans may not know though is that he is also a classically trained opera singer. Studying music throughout high school and college while attending Missouri State University, Tyler’s talent is far-reaching beyond what you see on stage. He also surrounds himself with some of the best musicians in the business as well. His traveling family consists of Tracy Goode on bass, Mark Poiesz on drums, Gary Jannaman on electric guitar and Dirk Weaver on acoustic guitar. These four guys round out the Tyler Farr experience bringing down the house each and every time. Playing all sides of the stage and taking the time to say hello to fans, are just a few of the things I love about Tyler’s band. The are fan friendly and approachable. Oh, and I love photographing them. I may or may not have numerous photos of Gary’s spiky hair. What?!! He’s a fun subject and his hair is rocking!!

Tyler Farr - FShed Syracuse
Tyler Farr – FShed Syracuse

The one thing I’ve noticed about Tyler’s shows, he’s extremely personal with his fans giving them a new show each and every time. He makes his audiences part of the show whether it’s through conversation or just coming out into the audience and shaking hands and taking selfies. With a similar set list night after night, he has a way of making each show unique to each audience. As he performed a mix of rock and roll country hits throughout the night, it was his acoustic numbers that truly impressed me. He gave the audience a glimpse into his vocal range in numbers such as “Hello Goodbye”. Then there was Mark’s drum solo. I’m leaving it at that..trust me it’s a must see. #spoilalert #awesome The entire show flew by before I knew it, and although I have seen him now three times, it’s still a new show each and every time he comes to town. Pretty remarkable feat.

So in summary I wonder myself Mr. Tyler Far what the F stands for. Perhaps it was for the full venue of fans. Perhaps it was the folksy, bluesy sound that Castle Creek brought to the stage. Perhaps it was the foot stomping rocking set Country Swag performed warming the stage for you. Maybe it stands for your fan friendly disposition you and your band share with fans, demonstrating your appreciation for their support. However, I think it was a combination of all of those things that made the entire evening fantastic. Whatever the F stands for, Tyler FARR brought the party, and we all had FUN at the FShed.

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