Hearing Aide: Rising Appalachia’s ‘Wider Circles’

Be prepared to be wowed by the sweet harmonies coming forth from these super talented sisters, performing together as Rising Appalachia. A sound this tight could only come from two people who have put in a lifetime of singing and living life together. Hailing from the South, sisters Leah Song and Chloe Smith have traveled extensively throughout the world, which truly shines through in their music. Joined by stand-up bassist/baritone guitarist David Brown and world percussionist Biko Casini, Rising Appalachia’s latest album Wider Circles is sure to gain this band heaps of new fans from all walks of life.

Seamlessly covering the entire spectrum of musical genres, ranging from traditional music of the American South highlighting the banjo and fiddle, to world music featuring African drums, there’s something on this album for everyone to enjoy. Mixing in poetry, and even rap, on some of their tunes, it is definitely worth giving the lyrics a hard listen. You will feel like you learned something by listening to this album, hearing stories about medicine women and men on “Medicine”; listening to a chorus of African women singing at the end of “Bright Morning Stars”; being called to action in “An Invitation” and “Spirits Cradle” and hearing instruments prominently featured simultaneously that might not typically be paired together, like the banjo and trumpet on title track “Wider Circles”.

Perhaps even more unique and inspiring than the album itself, Rising Appalachia is taking part in a “slow music movement” approach to touring, in an effort to travel to their shows in a more sustainable way and immerse themselves in the local communities in which they play. In advance of their new album, the band has embarked on their Wider Circles Rail Tour, during which they are traveling by train from show to show throughout their tour of the southwest, which began in New Orleans on March 28, and will feature several stops along their journey to Austin, Texas’s, Old Settler’s Music Festival, which will be taking place on April 18.

Having graced an impressive variety of venues with their presence, ranging from Radio Popular Italy to Burning Man, this band has impressed audiences all over the world, and they don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Featuring something for everyone as far as musical tastes go, it is highly recommended to check out the extraordinary harmonies and unique combination of instruments featured on Rising Appalachia’s latest album Wider Circles, which is set to be released on April 21. In the meantime, enjoy a brief video of one of their older songs to get you psyched for their new album release.

Key Tracks: Novels of Acquaintance, Medicine, Wider Circles

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