Shana Falana Starts Their Tour on Fire

Shana Falana who are releasing a fantastic album next week started their tour in support of it at Albany’s The Low Beat. Starting off the evening was local duo Moon Magick. With hauntingly beautiful vocals from Laura as well as some keyboard work and endlessly looping guitar work from Phil, the duo set the stage for the evening. Their set up was minimal and the music relaxed everyone into the long evening. Next up was Eternal Crimes who woke up the crowd with their version of English Punk via outer space. The band had a great light show to go along with their distorted vocals that pushed them towards psychedelia as the set continued on. Then despite some early sound issues, a packed house got the chance to witness Shana Falana’s new songs out in the open for the first time. Looping vocals underneath Shana’s beautiful voice merged with her ferocious guitar playing and were pushed along by Mike Amari’s drumming. Video in the background was a great way to make the evening feel like an art show with music at times, which suits the band perfectly. Catch them out on tour throughout the United States this spring.

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