A Night at the Stanley Theatre Recreated with The Todd Hobin Band

Three Bands from the early ’80s reunited to recreate a fundraiser for the Stanley Theatre in Utica, NY March 21. Headliner The Todd Hobin Band, were once again joined by opening acts the Justice McBride Band and Dust Devil Band.  This recreation of the original billing from back in 1981 came together to help save the historic Stanley Theatre who was in financial straights at that time.  The past success was once again created by this trio of bandmates as they came together to raise money to help keep their beloved landmark open.  The enthusiastic crowds rocked once again to a mix of originals and covers of each band throughout the evening.  Even though 34 years had gone by, age had not slowed any of these bands down, or their following as the energetic crowds enjoyed their evening while supporting a good cause. 

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