Winter Carnival 2015: Moon Hooch

Two saxophonists, Mike Wilbur and Wenzl McGovern with a drummer James Muschler make up the phenomenal band Moonhooch. They call it “Cave Music” I call it the best new jazz out there, aka Rashim Roland Kirk.  Hold on to your drum hat and start your cyclic breathing,  this band will make you dance. Funky, wild, free yet so organic is the groove that the only primal thing you can do is move. Let other bands do covers, this band has captured a unique sound that has propelled it from busking on subways to hitting the top numbers on Billboards jazz charts and packing dance halls around the country. Picked up by Mike Doughty (formerly of Soul Coughing) when he saw  them play in the subway and liked them so much that he had them open for him on a national tour. The Moon Hooch phenomena has just grown from festivals, to pastures, to museums, to cooking vegan in the van, to inducing alpha brain waves in the audience.  They just released their second Album, This is Cave Music, and they are an act not to be missed. Photos from their show at The Waterhole at the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival as well as prior to the show,with a giraffe.


And yes, they tore the house down and all were dancing to…..jazz.

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