Retired Buffalo Hardcore Legends Snapcase are Practicing

Snapcase’s fierce driving riffs and aggressive vocals defined them as one of the premier genre bands for the ’90s hardcore music scene.

Originally conceived in a basement in West Seneca NY in 1989 – the five piece built quite the frenetic fan base over the course of the next 16 years before mostly disbanding in 2005. Since then they have played occasional shows – usually in Buffalo – but none since a finale show with the closing of Mohawk Place in 2013.

That all may be changing soon as the band indicated on their website today that they are practicing.


With their next and only 2015 tour date scheduled for Montebello, Canada’s Amnesia Rockfest way off in mid June fans will no doubt be wondering if more tour dates are in the works – or perhaps (hold your breath) some new music?  Stay tuned!

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