Hearing Aide: New Savant Album ‘Invasion’

Norwegian musician, Savant has been on an upward spiral since his career started four-years agSavant Invasiono. Since his debut album, Ninur, was released, Savant has continued to top the charts of Beatport in multiple genres of EDM. This year should be no different. 2015 begins for Savant with the release of a new album called Invasion, which has killed it so far among fans. The 18-song album covers a wide spectrum of musical styles but each and every song is made for dancing.

The album opens up with a playful love song called “Orphan”. In the beginning the notes have a buzz type quality while the song jumps around a scale like a video game. This lighthearted type of love song maybe not purposefully pokes some fun into the sappiness that comes along with missing a lover. A lot of the album is fast paced. It is easy to recognize that the strong pursuit of exploration Savant is taking in EDM. Everything takes a turn when trumpets sound in the song “Innocence” which is funk. It is not free form, which makes it grooveable.

Part of what makes this music appealing is it gives a taste of aspects of many different styles of EDM music and makes it assessable. In one of the key songs on Invasion, “1997,” Savant revisits the style of techno that thrived at that time in the ’90s.

Key Tracks: Orphan, Innocence, 1997.

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