Photo Gallery: March Fourth Marching Band at the Fox Theater

“Holy Shit! Holy Shit!” That’s what the crowd at Boulder’s sold-out Fox Theater began chanting as the March Fourth Marching Band closed out their foot-stomping set of percussive funk and jazz tunes. Holy Shit, indeed. The Portland, Oregon band could blow the lid off an Iowa grain silo buried in construction-grade concrete if given the chance. So, the roof of the recently renovated Fox proved no match for the raucous members of March Fourth. As one concert-goer exclaimed following the show, “That was a carnival with a concert!” With stilt performers and acrobats tossed in with a dizzying array of horns, snares, and bass drums, the members of March Fourth beat its way into the hearts of enthusiastic crowd long before the band stampeded the floor and railings for their rousing finale.

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