Hearing Aide: King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard ‘I’m In Your Mind Fuzz’

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard is a name you are going to be hearing a lot of in the near future. Their latest album I’m In Your Mind Fuzz is out now and is a 42 minute psychedelic journey of proportions not seen in many years. All ten tracks seep right into one another without letting you catch your breath for more than a second, if you are even given a second. All seven members of the band meld into a beautiful creation on I’m In Your Mind Fuzz with no one member sticking out, making it a true group effort.

Although the band hails from Australia, they recorded much of the record at Daptone Studios in Brooklyn and in Hunter Mountain, New York. When I spoke to the band at a recent show in New York during their time here for the CMJ festival, they loved being in New York and recording in two different parts of the state. They especially liked Upstate New York and the openness of it all compared to New York City. The spaciness in parts of the record can most likely be attributed to the wide open land of Hunter Mountain.

The first four tracks come at you like a bullet. These 13 minutes are some of the tightest on the record and feel like one straight thought that the band decided to break up and name four separate things. Right off the bat the drums and distorted guitars of “I’m In You Mind” get your head moving along. Once the fuzzy vocals and harmonica come into the picture, you’re already hooked. The four tracks are straight out of the psychedelic sounds of bands like The 13th Floor Elevators. The music continues that way through the last seconds of “I’m In Your Mind Fuzz” before transitioning into “Empty” which slows down the proceedings slightly, but not enough for you to want to stop bopping along with what the Australians are producing for your ears and mind to take in.

The next highlight on the album is “Hot Water” that sounds as if it could be a Jethro Tull outtake, from the flute to the vocal delivery it is a spot on tribute to the great band. A brief respite of the beginning 40 seconds of “Am I In Heaven” gives you one more moment to catch your breath before the full punk and psychedelic sounds roar right back into your mind. “Slow Jam 1” and “Satan Speeds Up” bring the album to a slowed down dream like state. Beautiful vocal work and otherworldly effects on the guitar shine of these two tracks before the closing eight minute epic of “Her & I (Slow Jam II) bring it all home for the record. The band is at their most classic rock moment with this song, giving a performance reminiscent of The Doors or a jam from early Santana, and gives the listener a sense of accomplishment of completing the record on such a high note after everything that has been thrown at them.

King Gizzard picked the perfect name for this album as you feel in the beginning as if you are losing your mind with the sounds that are coming at you at such a rapid pace. As the record goes on though you go into a fuzz, along with the band, as you have no idea what will be thrown at you next. To have the band end the album with such a long track that could be played on any radio station in the world, despite it’s length, shows how confident this band is in their music. Run to your nearest record store, or your I-Tunes account, and get this album immediately and hope the band comes back to the states to play some live shows again soon, they are not to be missed.

Key Tracks: I’m In Your Mind, Cellophane, Her & I (Slow Jam II)

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