Like a Boss: Gov’t Mule Returns to the Palace Theatre

Warren Haynes and Gov’t Mule returned to the Palace Theatre Friday, Nov. 14 amid their 20th anniversary tour. “World Boss” opened the show on a strong note, seguing into “Steppin’ Lightly”, a song of pure heartache.  “Gameface” stretched into a jam of “Mountain Jam”, a nod to the fest Warren lent his name on for many years. A deep rocker emerged in “Which Way Do We Run” followed by the highlight of the set, “I’m a Ram”, full of Haynes turning his vocals up to 11. Danny Louis played the keys with the sound of a second guitar, a latter day Ray Manzarek. The set ended with “Railroad Boy”, which makes for good fightin’ music.

Jim Gilbert-Govt Mule-32

(Before Set 2 started, a proud grandparent mentioned to me that this show was his grandson’s first concert ever. Grandpa picked a good one too. Hope you enjoyed the show Chris!)

A spooky wind machine sound preceded the Set 2 opener, “Fearless”, by Pink Floyd, with Danny Louis joining on second guitar. Mule will release an album of Floyd covers, Dark Side of the Mule, on Dec. 9. “Beautifully Broken” let loose a cover of Tom Petty’s “Breakdown”, jammed out quite nicely before returning to “Beautifully Broken”. A Doors cover, “People are Strange” roused the crowd once again as the set ended on a high note, closing with “Soulshine” and “Slackjaw Jezebel”. The encore “Bring on the Music” off 2013’s Shout! capped a solid rock performance from veterans Gov’t Mule who blended rock and jam perfectly – not too much rock and not too little jam.

Download the show at Mule Tracks.

Set 1: World Boss > Steppin’ Lightly, Gameface, Which way do we Run, I’m a Ram, Child of the Earth, Stratus, Railroad Boy

Set 2: Fearless > Stoop So Low, Beautifully Broken > Breakdown > Beautifully Broken, Larger Than Life > Drums, People Are Strange, Soulshine, Slackjaw Jezebel

Encore: Bring on The Music