The Hello Strangers at The Linda on October 10

What happens when music emerges from Pennsyltucky by way of Austin via two lovely ladies with a fire in their hearts? Storied tales told through song in a style reminiscent of old-timey country yet dashed in modern indie folk-rock make up The Hello Strangers, that is what happens!

Currently, The Hello Strangers are on tour in support of their self-titled album. Featuring eleven songs and two originals, country giant and omnipresent, Jim Lauderdale sings “What You Don’t Know”. A slowed version of “Que Sera, Sera” is a hauntingly beautiful nod to the sisters’ lineage as their grandfather, Ronald Chace, sang with Doris Day.

An equally talented trio supports Larrissa Chace Smith and Brechyn Chace: Spencer Pheil, Trent Renshaw, and Tom Hoy. Don’t miss this opportunity to say hello, hear some tunes and perhaps, no longer be strangers. The Hello Strangers are sure to tickle your fancy. Local 518 band, Rebel Darling led by MR Poulopoulos, will open the show. Tickets are available at The Linda.

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