Shuck ‘N’ Jive Sure To Be A Great Ride

On Oct. 11 and 12, Sandy Hook, Connecticut’s McLaughlin Vineyards will host the Shuck ‘N’ Jive Mountain Bike Festival. On Saturday, bicyclists will traverse the pro-level Grapes of Wrath Mountain Bike course, attempting to earn the $1,000 grand prize. For the first time in the race’s five-year history, a music and camping festival, featuring plenty of local talent, accompanies the race on the vineyards’ 160 idyllic acres.


Funk fiends Kung Fu headline the music portion of the event. The band’s stage presence matches its sound in enormity and it is a safe bet that, between elating jams, the New Haven-based group will remind Kung Fu is here for you. Connecticut quintet Max Creek is also slated to take the stage. Their resume spans four decades and good times will flow as the Creek dips into their diverse rock catalog. Jen “Pipes” Durkin, another Connecticuter, will be joined at Shuck ‘N’ Jive by her backing band the Business. Known for her work with Deep Banana Blackout, Durkin’s soulful voice will ring out among the myriad rows of grapes. Funk will be thick in the air as New Orleans resident Billy Iuso is the artist at large all weekend.

There are separate general, family, and rustic camping areas to set up at on Saturday night and there will be a central bonfire next to the Vineyard Stage where late-night music takes place. Whether racing or not, all are encouraged to bring a bicycle to explore the vineyards and marvel at the peaking foliage. There are plenty of hiking trails, too, if you prefer getting around by foot.

Camping passes are already sold out, but individual day passes can be purchased here.

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