Hearing Aide: Caustic Method releases ‘The Virus’

When I first met with Caustic Method in March to discuss their third album, The Virus, I was immediately inspired by their dedication. This album is the bands first with their latest lineup but the second take of the actual album. Concerned that the first take did not represent them, they started fresh.  I have a feeling to really learn about the guys of Caustic Method one would only have to look as far as their copy of  The Virus. You won’t be disappointed.

The album begins with their title track and first single; Caustic has made a smart choice making this the single to represent the album. Not only is “The Virus” an homage to Caustic fans, but the single itself showcases the complexity in their talent. The range in Matt Caustics voice is unlike what we are used to hearing in metal music. They have separated themselves from other metal bands immediately.

The third track, “Which Way the River Runs” stands out as it opens with Angel Rivera on the drums. In 30 seconds he has your heart racing with excitement. Eric Maliszewski and Darin Scott transform this song from good to great with their amazing talent. Instrumentals are the shining hero on this track.

My favorite track on the album is the final song, “Anti Hero”. If you thought you had heard all of Matt Caustic’s tricks, you were wrong. We are able to hear the softest side of his voice yet when he sings the bridge. It is eerie and chilling, but brilliant. There is nothing this man can not do. Being the most passionate song, it is the perfect end to the album.

The only complaint I have about this album is that it is only five tracks. I feel as if we have only chipped the surface of what these guys can do. However, that being said, this is a solid album. Each track represents Caustic and their incredible talent; there is no fluff to fill space. Every time I listened to this album I ended with a new favorite, each for a different reason. What did I love the most? Was it the quick change in Matt’s voice in “The Virus”, the beat of “Integrity Fails”, the drums on “Which Way the River Runs”, the bass and guitar in “Sex, Drugs, and Violence”, or the bridge in “Anti Hero”. That is the making of a great album. This is a perfect appetizer to what is next for these guys.

Key Tracks: The Virus, Anti Hero

Check out Caustic’s official website to purchase your copy of The Virus!

CD release shows:

Aug 16th at 9pm -Suzys – with Million Miles from Broadway, Kilter, Dear Mr Dead, Many Will Fall. – $5

Aug 23rd at 9:30pm – Ta Romans West- with Street Rock Mafia and Fight for Rome. – Free Admission

Sept 2nd – Floodys – with National Recording Artist Saving Abel and Kilter. – $15/$20 dos

Sept 5th at 9pm – Three Fat Guys-with National Recording Artist Edisun and Kilter, One Step From Falling and Super Killer Robots – Free Admission

Sept 29th-Bogies-with National Recording Artist Prong and more. – $12

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