Conspirator Lit Up the Sky at Willow Creek Winery on July 11

Conspirator Lit Up the Sky at Willow Creek Winery on July 11. Funktional Flow set the night off in the opening slot, and as the sun went down, the Buffalo foursome threw down a perfect introduction to a night full of music. The guys continue to perform at a very high level, with funk and jam filled solo’s evolving into songs that could match up with the powerhouses in the music scene. Highlighted by songs “Edge of Time” and “Mulligans”, the band is becoming a nice regular at this spectacular venue. They have a show coming up on July 26 with Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad at the Winery, so clear your schedule and prepare to get funktified.

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As good as Funktional Flow played, sometimes all you need is one guy and a vision to light up the night. Ryan Sinatra, aka Notixx, is an electronic artist who takes tunes, bass thumps the heck out of them, and creates an overall good time. He takes the party to the next level and keeps it there. Notixx was perfectly slotted between the two acts, giving the fans no choice but to stay and continue to get down.

There haven’t been many times that our area has seen The Disco Biscuits, but when the opportunity arose to catch two key members from the band, Buffalo jumped at it. Conspirator, a side project of Aron Magner (keys) and Marc Brownstein (bass) from The Disco Biscuits, brought their improvisational, tech-laced funk to the Willow Creek Winery. The super group also includes RAQ’s Chris Michetti and drummer TORCH, which completed the foursome that raged through the night. Along with the music, the band brings a superb lighting show that made you want them to return to our side of the state sooner than later.

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