Hearing Aide: Let Go Daylight ‘Traditions Carved by Wounded Hands’

let go daylight
Traditions Carved by Wounded Hands, let go daylight’s first LP, drops on Saturday, June 14th.

Heavily steeped in the sounds of Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, let go daylight – they seem to market themselves in lower case – is an amalgamation of Troy musicians that have crossed over from several different bands to collaborate on this latest venture.

Let Go Daylight’s first LP since forming in 2012, Traditions Carved by Wounded Hands successfully captures a reminiscent flare to the aforementioned Sabbath, such as with the opening track of “Honey Wagon” or “Leave Me Be”.  However, poised so close together at the beginning, it lends to some trepidation that the listener will be subjected to another Sabbath clone.  But then, a funky bass guitar played by Mike Shudt leads us into the fourth track, “The Guts and the Glory”.  As one continues to listen, you become more conscious of a transition into contemporary hard rock with “Let It Burn” to even toeing the line of punk. Ralph Renna’s bass to baritone vocals throughout the LP goes into Glenn Danzig territory with “A New Revolution”. However, a manic display of trippy guitar play by Dave White, accompanied with a strong performance by drummer Rocky Morey, at the introduction of “August Fire” showcases the band’s breadth of talent, but as it clocks in at under three and a half minutes, with a decrescendo to close out the album, I can’t help wanting more.

This four-piece band, though together for a relative short time, each is a veteran of his trade, having cut teeth with other bands (Last Call, Flate Broke, and Thrust). Nonetheless, they compliment each other well.  After listening to this LP several times, you will start to hear a distinct sound germinated from the icons of the past and blossoming out with flashes of brilliance. Traditions is a good LP on its own, but it makes this listener perhaps more excited to hear how they progress further with their sound. If indeed the progressions realized throughout the chronology of this LP continue out to the next, that could be the makings of a standout performance.

The band drops the LP on June 14th, coinciding the release with a live performance at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Troy.  If you’d like to listen to the album in full or purchase the album, click on the respective links.

Key Tracks: The Guts and the Glory, Let It Burn, August Fire.

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