Saving Abel Turn Bus Around: Albany show canceled

Less than 24 hours before their scheduled concert at Monirae’s in Pennellville, NY  – while en route to Upstate New York – Saving Abel announced that they won’t be there.

saving abelMembers of the band reportedly broke away from their recording sessions and were in the midst of traveling to Upstate New York once plans unraveled.

Saturday’s show in Albany, The Take Back Tour, is advertised as an educational movement to inform concert goers on building a sustainable community. It also included information on recent federal legislation that tour promoters say allows the military to detain citizens without due process.

A Washington Armory representative said the show is scheduled to proceed without Saving Abel.

Saving Abel was reportedly dropped by the show promoter, Robert Rodrigo.  Attempts to contact the promoters for comment were unanswered.

The band posted an announcement late last night on Facebook, but when approached The Washington Armory about the news this afternoon, the staff was initially unaware of the details.

The venue representative explained they are not responsible for planning the event. As managers of the facility, they only rent out the building to show organizers.  Shows like Tuesday’s Skrillex show that was a huge success.

Saving Abel still plans to play the Monirae’s show, but in September.

Dedicated Central New York fans, like Tim S. were upset. The father responded to the band’s Facebook post to say he bought VIP tickets specifically for his daughter’s birthday.

The band responded to clarify they would honor tickets from the show that was supposed to happen tonight.

The band is dedicated to all their fans but they said a trip to New York didn’t make fiscal sense if they were only playing one show.

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