June Storms in With a Blaze of Metal Glory

In a one-two punch that even the most fanatic of moshers couldn’t ignore, the beginning of June 2014 brought new singles from two of some of the most esteemed bands among headbangers.

Yesterday, Sweden’s Opeth, known for mixing absolutely brutal riffs and growling vocals with progressive psychedelia akin to King Crimson, released their newest single “Cusp of Eternity” from their upcoming 11th studio release, Pale Communion. Like their last album, Watershed, the death metal vocals remain absent as the band continues to head towards the path of progressive rock. However, unlike that last album, this single at least indicates a more focused effort, with a nice flow and a decidedly “evil” feel to it. Check the animated video out on Vimeo here.

Mastodon - Rockstar Mayhem Festival

Today, Upstate NY’s Mastodon released the second track from the forthcoming Once More ‘Round The Sun. If any band on earth has captured the fire Metallica left behind with 1990’s The Black Album, the Atlanta foursome is it. The newest track “Chimes at Midnight” seems to find a home somewhere in between the bare bones metal of the last release “The Hunter” and the blinding changes and underlying spooky vocals of Mastodon’s early days.

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