Ian’s “Speaking Words” turns Family Affair

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Anthrax guitarist and founder  Scott Ian stopped at Syracuse’s Lost Horizon for his “Speaking Words” tour and delivered an insightful, intimate, and amusing show in front about 100 people.

Ian, who is in the tail end of the “Speaking Words” Tour, is also in the middle of working on Anthrax’s 11th studio album (slated for a later 2014 release), and said to be wrapping up his autobiography that’s due out next year.

There was speculation whether or not Joey Belladonna was going to make an appearance, he did not.

Doors opened at 7, the show actually started about 8:10,  It was a small-scale production show.   It was just Scott Ian with a projection screen that showed some amusing comic slides, that show cased his stories in amusing manner. Of course as expected, a few drunk and obnoxious people in the crowd, Ian gracefully told them to, “shut the fuck up” more than once.

Ian opens his set by throwing the crowd off by reading from Red Hot Chilli Pepper‘s frontman, Anthony Keidis’ autobiography.  Then as expected he chatted about his upbringing, to starting the band, to getting signed by Def Jam Records.  Then he shifted gears and spoke about how he first met Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead, sharing all the goods of his relationship with Lemmy, and the times he thought he could keep up drinking with him.  The crowd could not stop laughing. Ian is a great story-teller.  The comic slides just made it more amusing.  Then after what was about 45 minutes of sharing crazy Lemmy Stories, the crowd was blessed to hear some funny party and prank stories that Ian shared with the late and great Dimebag Darrell.

Towards the end of the show Ian did a Q & A session with the crowd. (Yes, I got my question in about Damnocracy from the VH1 show “Supergroup”) This ultimately led to what may be the craziest incident of any concert.

A man, bald and sporting a goatee, emerged from the crowd and accused Ian of being his biological father.  It was apparent that Ian recognized the man, who claimed to be 30-years-old, as before the mystery man spoke Ian immediately yelled, “Dude, I am not your father.”

The man continued to tell the story shared to him by his mother that she allegedly had relations with Ian in New York City more than 30 years ago.

“Dude, your mom’s a fucking liar,” said Ian. “Sorry, man.”

The man was escorted out by security, apparently crying and Ian swiftly deflected the situation from being a further distraction to the show.  It was, however,  definitely the highlight of the show, or in that case the highlight of the entire “Speaking Words” Tour.   The show almost felt like a metal version of an episode of Maury.   Talk about something that people don’t normally see every day.

(I did speak to Ian after the show, and he said he had no doubt in his mind that the story behind the man’s claims was fake.)

Once the theatrics concluded, the Q & A session resumed.  There were some questions apparently inspired by alcohol and foolishness, but there were some great questions from the crowd including too.  One man asked Ian about the times he spent with the late, and great, Ronnie James Dio (who was also receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award at the SAMMY’s).

The show finally ended around 10:30.  Ian did do a VIP meet and greet after the show, doing autographs, and sharing more stories.   I chatted with Ian about the Yankees and cool Anthrax experiences, also there is the possibility of doing another Spoken Word Tour that will include Fozzy Frontman/WWE Superstar Chris Jericho.  They did a tour together in Australia last year and it was very successful.

Overall, it was great show for anyone that is into Anthrax, or Heavy Metal in general.  And, of course, Scott Ian tells great stories that will guarantee you a nice chuckle and some stories to tell all your friends and family.  Hopefully he brings the Speaking Words show back to Syracuse, as well as a full-blown Anthrax show as well.

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