Twiddle and Fikus Rock out The Hollow

The Hollow in Albany was packed Thursday, February 20th when Fikus and Twiddle came to town. The crowd was full of dedicated fans and fresh faces eager to get their groove on. Fikus had a great loud start as they spiced up the bar with New Jersey funky flavor. Keyboardist Jon Schmarak was on the verge of breaking his right leg as he repetitively stomped and beat his keys with the heavy rhythm from drummer Kito Bovenschulte. Bongos were slapped by Pete Kozak adding a dirty rumba beat that they audience couldn’t get enough of as Fikus combined funk, electronic, soul and much more for an unforgettable set. For those that can’t wait for the next show, you can download their EP Plus + for free on their website.

20140220 - Twiddle 2

Twiddle, the quartet from Vermont, provided optimistic and groovy music that sent hearts soaring and feet dancing. Their energetic performance was light and upbeat, with hints of reggae and modern day funk. The band has great chemistry together as their music consistently build great waves for their music and fans to climb and dip upon. Mihali Savoulidis provided the heavy rock vibe with the wailing of his guitar and lead vocals that were quite catchy. Keyboardist Ryan Dempsey hit a wide range of keys as he showed contempt smacked the high notes before twisting nobs for a robotic melody with his synth. One of the highlights of the night was when the band made the insane transition into Phish’s “Divided Sky” catching the entire audience off guard and into heavy jam bliss. Be sure to catch Twiddle before they end out north to Smoke Signals in Lake Placid.

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