The New Daze Rock The Montage

The Montage Music Hall was rockin’ Saturday January 11, with a performance kicked off at 10pm by an up-and-coming band from Syracuse, The New Daze.

The band’s set was started with a medley, beginning with “Uncle Stremnf,” merging into a new version of one of their older songs, “Sloth Fingers”, a tease of The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Sir Psycho Sexy”, and ending with a reprise of “Uncle Stremnf.” For only three guys, The New Daze brought a huge sound that couldn’t be tamed. The few people who were in attendance seemed mesmerized by psychedelic sound effects and guitar solos. The New Daze was accompanied by Steve Graf on percussion for their entire set and had keyboardist Mike McDonald of Formula 5 sit in for “Mike’s Song.” Their set closed with the track, “Off Brand,” from the band’s first album.
2014-01-11 The New Daze (5)

Despite the lack of a crowd, the Montage was roaring as The New Daze exited and the bandtook the spotlight. The intense jam started with their song “Perch Above the Earth,” followed by “The Fall” which included a sampling of Herbie Hancock’s classic, “Chameleon.” Mike McDonald’s piano and lead vocals were key in providing the band with its soulful sound.

The set continued with more long jams featuring guitar and bass solos that kept the crowd moving. “3 Ring Circus,” from their self-titled debut album featured Collin Jones of Hawea and Ocupanther on guitar as he displayed his mastery of guitar and manipulation his effects pedal. Don Nix’s song “Goin’ Down” was followed by an original, “Earthbound Tim”, with samples from Phish’s “Guyute.” The set wound down with another medley of “Pedro” and “Hottentot” by Medeski, Scofield, Martin, and Wood, finishing with two new originals titled “Rising Tide” and “Nu-Gen.” The small crowd sounded like well over 100 as they showed some love for the awesome performance.

The New Daze Setlist

Uncle Stremnf > Sloth Fingers % > Uncle Stremnf, Until September > Silly Me > When Prigs Fly, Sunroof Cop*, Pumpkins, Mike’s Song#, Don’t Touch My Tractor, Off Brand

*The New Daze debut
#with Mike McDonald of Formula 5 on keys
% “Sir Psycho Sexy” tease
entire set with Steve Graf on percussion

Formula 5 Setlist

Perch Above the Earth, The Fall#, Catch Me, The Ride -> 3 Ring Circus* -> Goin Down@ -> Earthbound Tim$, Pedro -> Hottentot^ -> Pedro, Rising Tide, Nu-Gen

# “Chameleon” (Herbie Hancock) tease
* with Collin Jones on guitar ( Haewa / OCUPANTHER)
@ Don Nix Cover (Jeff Beck arrangement)
$ “Guyute” (Phish) teases
^ Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood cover (partial)

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