Corey Taylor: Slipknot is not dead

The power of social media compels you. It’s been nearly three weeks since Slipknot announced drummer Joey Jordison‘s departure from the band, and fans of the Grammy Award winning group have little information to help put themselves at ease about their future.  In fact, many have started to speculate that the veteran group out of Iowa has quietly called it quits.

The Metal Core, a heavy metal Facebook community out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, started voicing their concerns on their Twitter account Sunday night, and invited each of their 64 thousand followers to share their thoughts.


“It’s been hard,” added Richard Gomes, “and it’ll never be the same, but once a maggot always a maggot.  I’ll always love them and [they] will never fail us.”

Slipknot frontman, Corey Taylor, continues to be optimistic over the band's future.  (Photo Credit: Irene Sassu)
Slipknot frontman, Corey Taylor, continues to be optimistic over the band’s future. (Photo Credit: Irene Sassu)

Fans of the band affectionately refer to themselves as maggots.

“I think every band has its downs and ups,” said Nicole Shultz.  But, Shultz continued to voice her support for her band. “I still am a maggot for life.”

The Metal Core touched upon three key points behind why many believe Slipknot is no more.  Jordison is gone. The group last released an album with All Hope Is Gone in 2008.  And, there was the 2011 death of bassist, Paul Gray.

At that time, Slipknot frontman, Corey Taylor, spoke candidly to Grand Rapids, MI radio station WGRD about the band’s fragility as it dealt with Gray’s death.

“Honestly, I’ve tried to figure out how to prepare for it and there really isn’t a way; you just kind of have to prepare yourself for what you’re going to do, and the emotions will naturally come.

“It’s gonna be a little bittersweet at the end of the day. But, you know, for me, this is kind of a baby step towards seeing what’s gonna happen later. And nothing is happening immediately; I can tell everyone that. We have no plans for an album, we have no plans to do anything other than this tour at the moment. But if it goes well, if everyone is able to kind of pull together and really do what’s right for Paulie, then we’ll see what happens.”

However, Taylor appears to be fully aware of his fan’s concerns today.  The overflow of comments from fans apparently reached him over Twitter.  Within four hours of The Metal Core posting their tweet, Taylor responded with the following:



As optimistic as Taylor sounds in his tweet to fans, it still leaves no more information than the band’s announcement three weeks ago.  It may quell the rumors today, but until something solid comes to fruition soon, fans will be left to question what’s next?  What remains fact, the band has not released an album in six years, a founding member of the band has left, and no solid plans have been announced (except that Taylor has been cast to appear in a new Robert Englund movie, called Fear Clinic).

The last time the band’s future was called into question, Taylor said the following in that same radio station interview:

“The only thing we’ve really sat down together as a band and talked about was the tour, and what we’re gonna do and whatnot,” Taylor said in 2011. “But I’m not the guy who’s gonna sugarcoat anything, I’m not the one who’s gonna spoonfeed false hope to the fans, especially about something like this. If this tour doesn’t work, this band might be over — straight up. And I’m not gonna lie; I’m not the guy that’s going to lie to the fans. I’m telling people as it is, because people [keep asking me], ‘Any U.S. dates?’ I’m like, ‘Slow down, Beavis. Can we get through this and see what happens?

“It’s still a shock, man. I’m gonna be getting on stage without my brother. So until things make sense for me, I’m not gonna be the cheerleader — I just can’t be. First of all, the fans would see through it. Second of all, I would feel terrible being that guy. So as long as I just keep it real and keep it in perspective, we’ll see what happens.”

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