Sister Sparrow and The Dirty Birds: These Birds of a Feather are Flocking Filthy

Sister Sparrow and The Dirty Birds, the eight-piece band from Brooklyn flew upstate on Thursday December 5th to The Hollow in Albany. Fans were grateful to hear the show was still on despite the band having over multiple instruments stolen only two weeks prior. With the help of some borrowed equipment and friends, the band was able to perform to a packed room and sent a message out on Facebook saying, Thanks for all your support over these trying couple of weeks. Ain’t no better medicine than music to drive that darkness away!”

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The Hollow’s stage was a tight nest for the musicians and their delicate leading lady but don’t let Arleigh Kincheloe’s size fool you; the small sparrow herself can belt out some serious tunes, leaving the crowd stunned. Her older brother, Jackson, is a harmonica machine as he blows it to pieces with an endearing heart. The Birds hit brass hard with Phil Rodriguez on trumpet, Ryan Snow on trombone and Brian Graham on baritone sax blowing the roof off the venue and adding in smooth vocals throughout the night.

Their rendition of Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” was soulful, funky and charged up the crowd early in the night. After a couple powerhouse songs, the band slowed down with “Sugar”, a sweet acoustic jam change up and Jackson took a moment to dedicate the show to his harmonica teacher who recently had passed a week ago and paid tribute with a beautiful solo rendition of “Amazing Grace.” Guitarist Sasha Brown ripped apart chords as Arleigh screamed, “Albany, Shake it for me!” Bassist Josh Myers laid down funky bass notes as the bird brother, Bram Kincheloe, went to town on the cymbals with edge. The band was appreciated of the Upstate New York, being surrounded by family, friends and fans; it was truly a great show to be a part of.

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Catch Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds on tour when they stop at The Space in Westbury on December 20th with the Funky Meters, at Club Helsinki for New Year’s Eve and at Brooklyn Bowl in NYC on January 31st. Click here if you wish to donate to Sister Sparrow and The Dirty Birds in the loss of their music equipment.

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