Formula 5 and TAUK – On the Rise at The Hollow

Two of the most up and coming improvisational bands combined forces for a funky Friday night throw down at The Hollow in Albany. Despite the threat of a possible snow storm, dedicated fans made the journey downtown to celebrate the end of the work week with drinks and great music. Tauk, the four piece space funk band from Brooklyn, has been heavily touring across the East Coast this year and was happy to return to the Capital District. Formula 5 is no stranger to the area as they supply fresh local jams to the masses on a steady rotation. Tauk and Formula 5 are two bands to watch for in the New Year ahead.

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Tauk quickly filled the dance floor as their electronic-infused rock sound moved through the room. Their slow and monstrous buildups leave plenty to the musical imagination. Guitarist Matt Jalbert and Bassist Charlie Dolan hit high altitude chord elevations that keep the audience on the tip of their dancing toes. Isaac Teel is a multi-tasking, beat-making machine as he uses a tambourine with his left hand, drums with his right hand and holds his left drum stick in his mouth. Keyboardist A.C. Carter adds soulful organ notes before dipping into groovy techno melodies. The quartet ended their set with a killer mash-up of Led Zepplin’s “Immigrant Song”, Kool & The Gang’s “Jungle Boogie” and “Bulls on Parade” by Rage against the Machine which they have named, “Immigrant Boogie Parade.” Tauk will hit the road in January with Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe after they throw down at a Phish after-party with Fikus at DROM on Dec 28th. Their newest album, Homunculus is available for free download here.

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Formula 5 had something for everyone as they have performed diverse covers and unique original songs. The band started with a solid cover of Elton John’s “Grey Seal” before erupting into their party starter anthem “Excalibur.” Greg Bell of Guthrie Bell Productions took a moment to raffle off free tickets for all his shows in 2014 proving that live music is the best gift for anyone. Formula 5 is growing to be a band where as they grow, you listen for the teases, songs within songs, and “songception” moments. Fans were thrilled as they recognized Was (Not Was)’s “Walk the Dinosaur” and Phish’s “The Moma Dance” during the funky “Pedro.” The boys have been working on a new album which hopefully will drop in the spring, the sooner the better for everyone.

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Formula 5 Setlist: Grey Seal*, Excalibur, Catch Me -> The Ride -> Ticket Giveaway@ -> The Ride, Epiphany -> 3 Ring Circus, Rising Tide, Pedro% -> Jungle Love#, Earthbound, Music Never Stopped, Hot Box
E: Goin’ Down^
* Elton John cover
@ Greg Bell raffled off tickets while the band played a background breakdown of “The Ride”
% “Walk the Dinosaur” (Was Not Was) teases, “Moma Dance” (Phish) teases
# Steve Miller Band

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