Hearing Aide: Tim Herron Corporation’s ‘It’s All In Your Head’

Upstate New York and Syracuse natives Tim Herron Corporation will release their fifth full length album, It’s All In Your Head  at a December 14th record release show at the Syracuse Dinosaur BBQ and the following December 19th at the Rochester, NY location. Tim Herron Corporation’s multifarious approach to genre blending, good time music, and inspiring live performances can be delectably sampled on this anticipated new release. The band refers to their rock, bluegrass, folk and dance conglomerate as “Ameribeat’, a funky down home mixture of back porch sensibilities, and forward thinking instrumentation. The band has been entertaining the Upstate masses for fourteen years, and this upcoming release displays their road tested and practiced abilities.


Herron’s glistening chrome guitar lines adorn the numerous vintage musical foundations of the group that are on display. A highlight of the recording are the clean water guitar licks that pour over the majority of the songs on the collection. The opening ‘Big Brown Boot’ contains an slippery and addictive bottleneck slide guitar melody that boxes the listeners ears immediately. The rhythm section of Eric McElveen on bass and Christopher English on drums collaborate to formulate the juke joint cadences that lend the music its unique and timeless sway, in addition to the well timed flourishes of second guitarist Ed Nolan. The band as a whole succeeds in their music by staying with the times, as well as keeping one foot firmly settled on the dusty dirt roads of the past.

A standout performance, ‘Recession Blues’ is a song that effectively encapsulates the talents and abilities of the group on this collection. The song contains humorous and tasteful lyrics, rubbery clean tone guitar statements, and a country lilt that encourages ass shaking and closed eye swaying. The collaborative vocals channel smoky campfire singalongs and elicit an old time party vive. In contrast, another song ‘Voices’ contains overlapping gospel vocals in its chorus, eliciting images of Delaney and Bonnie’s early revival performances, before embarking on a funky and contemporary musical breakdown that allows a quick glimpse into the breadth of the bands influences. In an age where music’s slickness often outweighs its creative balance, the Tim Herron Corporation leans on rustic, yet well produced tunes that reflect their professionalism while staying rooted in the fertile earth of Americana.

The new release by Tim Herron Corporation is a refreshing and original collection of music that stays true to its roots and to the intentions of its creators. This new release covers the spectrum of the groups talents and captures the excitement of their live performances. Fans of well crafted roots music will uncover numerous moments of surprise and interest in this compact collection of songs. Find more information about the band including news on future appearances and releases here.

Key Tracks: Big Brown Boot, Recession Blues, Voices